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For a split-second style refresher use KMS Makeover Spray. It absorbs oil and builds bulk to refresh limp or day-old styles. Great for quick style touch-ups and in-between shampoos.

Don’t forget to pack your KMS Hairplay makeover spray in your gym bag for anywhere, anytime freshness.

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Advantages of salon hair colouring

  • Brampton Hair Salons, Hair Salons Brampton, Best Hair Colour, Hair Tips, Hair Information,Natural looking and more appropriate colour.
  • Greater selection of dyes and shampoos.
  • Your hair stylist can correct anything you don’t like.
  • No disappointment that your colour doesn’t look like the girl on the box.
  • No unwanted orange tones.
  • No stained towels or clothing.
  • No mess in your bathroom
  • No stained hands.

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Common Reasons Of Hair Loss

Although there are be many reasons for hair loss, here are the 6 very common reasons:

Dandruff Problem. Brunette Girl Looking At Hair Flakes In Mirror

  • Hereditary
  • Iron Deficiency
  • An over or under active thyroid
  • Using a specific medication such as a antidepressant or non-steroid or anti-inflammatory
  • Anywhere between three weeks and six months after having a child
  • A dramatic weight loss.

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Tips for healthy looking beautiful hair – Brampton Hair Salon

Portrait of a beautiful woman with a long hair. Young  brunetteTips for healthy looking beautiful hair – Brampton Hair Salons

  • Drink lots of water to keep hair hydrated and healthy.
  • Massage scalp when shampooing.
  • Use salon products that are suitable for your hair type.
  • Visit your hair stylist for regular trims (Once a month) to rid of split ends.
  • Use conditioner to rejuvenate your hair
  • Avoid stressful situations as they may cause hair loss.

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Is your hair fighting humidity? Try KMS Anti-Humidity Seal

kms-hair-stay-anti-humidity-seal-4-1oz-400KMS anti-humidity seal is a 24-hour weatherproofing for finished looks. A humidity-blocking formula that shields hair from frizz and provides a shiny, weightless finish and heat protection.


Shake. Spray 10-12″ (25-30 cm) from dry hair to seal in finished style.

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Retail Hot Oil Treatments – Are they good for your hair?

Retail hot oil treatments:

• Cause buildup
• Do not penetrate to the inner core of the hair to repair it
• Sit on the outer core of the cuticle
• When blowdrying, the heat causes the hair to expand and in turn damage it
• They make the hair feel good for the first application however after a few washes the hair is dry

Displeased Female Looks At Wet Wiry Hair, Being Dissatisfied Wit

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• Instant solution for every client with frizzy hair or after straightening services.

• Tames your unruly and frizzy hair in an instant.

• For up to one week of smooth, frizz-controlled hair.

Achieve beautiful luminosity for colored or non-colored hair in an instant! With the new Dualsenses Color Extra Rich serum. Discover the whole range today.


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Hair Washing Tip! Brampton Hair Salon

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When washing your hair be sure to always make your final rinse a cool rinse.

By doing so you will:
1. Bring down the pH balance of the hair,
2. Close the cuticle of the hair and keep moisture in,
3. Help to preserve your color and,
4. Have healthy shiny appearance to the hair.

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Facts About Hair – Brampton Hair Salon

Facts About Hair, Brampton Hair Salon, Best Hair Salon in Brampton,A healthy strand of hair can stretch 30% of its original length when wet.

In warm weather hair grows slightly faster. This is due to circulation being stimulated by heat which encourages hair growth.

With the exception of the hair that’s still inside the scalp all hair is dead.

As soon as a hair is plucked a new one begins to grow.

Hair is the fastest growing tissue in the body aside from bone marrow.

A single hair strands lifespan is about five years.

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Thicker Fuller Hair During Pregnancy – Brampton Hair Salons

Hair During Pregnancy, Hair Salon in Brampton, Near Me, Brampton,

Have you noticed your hair being fuller and thicker during pregnancy?

You are not actually growing more hair, but losing it slower than usual. Higher levels of estrogen prolongs hair growth which in turn causes less hair loss. After giving birth the hair cycle returns to normal.

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